Born 24.June 1945 Leifur Breidfjord has worked in his stained glass studio Reykjavik since 1968 where he has done most of his works. Some of the larger stained glass works are done in stained glass studios in Germany. He has exhibited paintings, watercolors, pastels and sculptures as well as stained glass during those years. He is married to textile artist Sigridur Johannsdottir and they have two sons.


The Icelandic College of Art 1962 -66
The Edinburgh College of Art 1966 – 68
Burleighfield House England with Patrick Reyntiens 1973 and 1975


Lecture and exhibition at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, 2000
Lecture and workshop at Ausglass, Sydney, Australia 1997
External assessor at The Edinburgh College of Art, 1983 – 1985
Teaching at the Icelandic College of Art, 1969 – 75

Professional Societies

Member of the Icelandic Association of Visual Artists Member of the Society of Icelandic Visual Artists Member of the British Society of Master Glass Painters

Awards / Selection

The Order of the Falcon 2005
The Bröste Optimist Prize 1990
Several Icelandic grants and awards.

Competitions / Selection

The Icelandic pavilion for the World Expo in Seville in Collaboration with Gudmundur Jonsson architect, 1 price 1990
St. Jacobi-Church, Bornhoved, Germany, 1 prize 2002
Competition for the residence of the Icelandic Embassy in Berlin along with Valdís Bjarnadóttir arkitect FAÍ and Anja Bloss arkitekt, Gunnar Ingi Ragnarsson engeneer.
3 price, Diamond Jubilee Window, Southwark Cathedral, London, UK 1. prize 2011

Individual Exhibitions / Selection

2006 Konstmuseet Arkiv for Dekorativ Konst, Lund, Sweden
2005 Spirit of Man, Iceland
2005, Gerdarsafn, Kopavogur Art Museum, Salurinn, Kopavogur Consert Hall, Kopavogur, Iceland
2003 Portraits, Ladies and Gentlemen, exhibition in collaboration with Sigridur Johannsdottir, Gerdarsafn, Kopavogur, Iceland
2003 Seltjarnarneschurch, Seltjarnarnes, Iceland
2002 Glerarchurch, Akureyri, Iceland
2002 Vidalinschurch, Gardabae, Iceland
2002 Landachurch, Vestmannaisland, Iceland
2001 Akureyrichurch, Akureyri, Iceland
2001 Fella and Holachurch, Reykjavik, Iceland
2000 Skalholtchurch, Skalholt, Iceland
1999 Hallgrimschurch, Reykjavik, Iceland
1996 Kulturhaus, Freudenstadt, Germany
1995 Volksbank, Schwenningen – Villingen, Germany
1995 The Kopavogur Art Gallery, Gerdarsafn, Kopavogur, Iceland
1994 Dresdner Bank, Freudenstadt, Germany
1993 Akogeshall, Vestmannaisland, Iceland
1991 Dresdner Bank, Mainz, Germany
1990 Dresdner Bank, Freudenstadt, Germany
1989 Galleri Borg, Reykjavik, Iceland
1986 Galleri Borg, Reykjavik, Iceland
1984 The National Art Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
1983 Hallgrimschurch, Reykjavik, Iceland
1982 The Municipal Library, Akureyri, Iceland
1975 The Nordic House, Reykjavik, Iceland
1969 Art exhibition in Breidfjord studio, Reykjavik, Iceland

Group Exhibitions / Selection

2004 Art in Church, History, Conservation, Restoration and New Creation, The St. Petersburg Academy of Art, St. Petersburg, Russia
2003 El Arte de Las Vidrieras, Monestir Santa Maria de La Valldigna, Spain
2002 Rubikon & Leifur Breidfjörd, The Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Mánes Exhibition Hall, Prague, Czech Republic
2001 Das Farbige Light, Pfarrkirchen, Germany
2000 – 2 The Nordic Glass
2000, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
1997 The Festival of Sacred Art, Hallgrimschurch, Reykjavik, Iceland
1996 Skulptura, Freudenstadt Germany
1993 Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
1993 Modern Art from Iceland, Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt, Germany
1991 Galleri Asbaek, Copenhagen, Denmark
1991 Exhibition of Sacral Art, Hallgrimschurch, Reykjavik, Iceland
1991 Kunst aus Glas in der Architektur, W. Derix, Taunusstein, Germany
1990 The Burleighfield Experience, Toronto, Canada
1990 Nord Form 90, Malmo, Sweden
1987 – 88 Scandinavian Craft Today, Tokyo, Kyoto, New York
1986 Hommage 86, Edinburgh, Scotland
1985 Nordic Glas ´85, The Nordic House, Reykjavik, Iceland
1985 Glass Art Exhibition ´85, The Reykjavik Municipal Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland
1984 Form Island, Konstindustrimuseet, Helsinki, Finland
1983 The Art of the Kite in the Nordic Countries, Sveaborg, Finland
1983 Fragile Art 83, New York
1982 Stained Glass International, New York
1980 Zentralschweizer Glaspreis 80, Luzern, Swiss
1980 Art from Iceland, Wippenfurt, Germany
1978 Glass America, New York
1978 Fragile Art, New York
1972 Nordic Art, The Art festival, Reykjavik, Iceland
1972 Nutida Nordisk Konst, Hasselby, Stockholm
1970 Nordisk ungdomsbiennale, Oslo
1970 Rostock Biennale, Germany
1969 Autumn exhibition FIM from 1969

Works in Public Buildings / Selection

2012 Diamond Jubilee Window, Southwark Cathedral, London, UK
2010 Bronzedoor, Hallgrimschurch, Reykjavik, Iceland
2009 St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland
2007 Grand Hotel Reykjavík, Reykjavík, Iceland
2004 Hrafnista Nursinghome, Reykjavík, Iceland
2002 – 5 Glerarchurch, Akureyri, Iceland
2002 – 10 St. Jacobi – Church, Bornhöved, Germany
2002 Hofsoschurch, Hofsos, Iceland
2002 The Engenerings Savings Bank, Reykjavik, Iceland
2000 Hallgrimschurch, Reykjavik, Iceland
2000 Vidalinschurch, Gardabae, Iceland
2000 Grafarvogschurch, Reykjavik, Iceland
1999 Hallgrimschurch, Reykjavik, Iceland
1998 Fella and Holachurch, Reykjavik, Iceland
1996 The Supreme Court of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland
1996 German Embassy / British Embassy, Reykjavik, Iceland
1995 – 01 Fridrikchapel, Reykjavik, Iceland
1995 – 96 Grensaschurch, Reykjavik, Iceland
1994 The National and University Library of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland
1994 The Engenerings Savings Bank, Reykjavik, Iceland
1993 Hallgrimschurch, Reykjavik, Iceland
1993 Ev. Jakobschurch, Münklingen, Germany
1993 City Hall, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland
1993 Kopasker preliminary school, Kopasker, Iceland
1991 Holaneschurch, Skagastrond, Iceland
1991 P. Broste a/s. Copenhagen, Denmark
1990 Stadarstadarchurch, Snaefellsnesi, Iceland
1989 The Catholic Church, Mengen, Rulfingen, Germany
1987 – 88 The Catholic Church, Steibis, Germany
1987 The Leifur Eiriksson International Airport, Keflavik, Iceland
1986 Hallgrimschurch, Reykjavik, Iceland
1986 The Engenerings Savings Bank, Reykjavik, Iceland
1986 The Catholic Church, Rotenzimmern, Germany
1985 Njardvikur Savings Bank, Njardvik, Iceland
1982 Domestic Science School, Akureyri, Iceland
1983 Fossvogs Chapel, Reykjavik, Iceland
1982 – 85 St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland
1985 Hotel Loftleidir, Restaurant, Reykjavik, Iceland
1982 – 98 Bustadachurch, Reykjavik, Iceland
1980 Hotel Loftleidir, Reykjavik, Iceland
1978 The National Bank of Iceland, Neskaupsstad, Iceland
1978 Rehabilitation Center, Reykjalundur, Iceland
1982 Chapel of the National Hospital, Reykjavik, Iceland
1975 Hotel Loftleidir, Reykjavik, Iceland
1973 The National Bank of Iceland, Husavik, Iceland
1973 Hotel Saga, Reykjavik, Iceland
1971 Fossvogschurch, Reykjavik, Iceland
1972 – 83 Flateyrarchurch, Flateyri, Iceland
1970 The National Theatre, Reykjavik, Iceland

Sacral Objects

Design for sacral objects for several churches in Iceland


1987 Europa Cept. 2 stamps value 12 kr. and 15 kr. Picture from the stained glass work in Fossvogschapel, Reykjavik, Iceland

Works in Official Collections / Selection

The National Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik Municipal Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland
The University of Iceland Art Collection, Reykjavik, Iceland
Kopavogur Art Museum, Gerdarsafn, Kopavogur, Iceland
Konstmuseet Arkiv for Dekorativ Konst, Lund, Sweden
Kurhaus, Freudenstadt, Germany
Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows, Chicago. U.S.A.

Works in Public Collections / Selection

Icelandair, Reykjavik, Iceland
Central Bank of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland
National Bank of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland
The Engenerings Savings Bank, Reykjavik, Iceland
Islandsbanki Reykjavik Iceland Arion Bank, Reykjavík, Iceland
Norges Bank, Oslo, Norway Nordiska Investeringsbanken, Helsinki, Finland
Commerzbnk, Freudenstadt, Germany Icelandic Insurance Company Ltd, Reykjavik, Iceland
The Icelandic Steamship Company, Reykjavik, Iceland
The Royal Palace, Oslo, Gift from the President of Iceland to the King of Norway

Collaborations with Sigridur Johannsdottir in Woven Tapestry Art Works

Two private exhibitions with woven tapestry art works and participating in many group shows showing tapestry art in Iceland and abroad.
Church textiles for Videyjarchurch, Hallgrimschurch, Akrachurch, Budachurch, Fella og Holachurch, Domkirkjan in Reykjavik, Holadomkirkja, Holum í Hjaltadal, Landakirkja and Stafkirkjan, Vestmannaeyjar. Woven tapestry art works for Hotel Saga, Reykjavik, Iceland Sigridur Johannsdottir has been the assistant to Leifur Breidfjord in making stained glass windows since 1971 See: